Lotus on the shelves

Lotus on the shelves


I walked into Barnes and Noble, College Station, Texas last Saturday and there it was.  Lotus, on the top shelf in the staff recommends.  Hard to explain the thrill of seeing it there next to the best sellers.  My little book, who knew?  I must thank my friend, Brooke Jones, for this.  I worked in this store for eight years and we never put indie books on the shelves.  My love and gratitude go out to the management staff and specifically to Brooke.


And then I stopped by our local bookstore in Brenham, The Book Nook, and again there it was.  This time in local authors.


After working on Lotus for over two years, fearing that it would never be published, and also fearing nobody would like it, it is so thrilling to see it for sale in real brick and mortar stores as well as Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com

I can’t thank everyone who helped along the way enough.  My love and gratitude go out to all of you, and you all know who you are. Thank you, thank you.


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    1. Not as of this date but I hope it will be soon. I’m very happy you are enjoying Lotus. The sequel,Violet, will be hopefully published in the Fall. Thank you so much.

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