Protect Your Magic

Protect Your Magic


I was watching television the other day and I saw the phrase “Protect Your Magic” written on a rock in one scene.  I don’t remember what I was watching, it could have been Project Runway, but that phrase stood out to me and immediately made me think of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic,” one of my favorite books.  This is an outstanding book for all artistic people.  Then I started thinking of how we don’t protect our magic.  We are influenced by other people and what they say, we are influenced by our own insecurities. We tell ourselves that we will fail, who would want to buy our book, or no one will appreciate our paintings, etc?

I have struggled with this my entire life.  I always wanted to write, even as a little girl but I was discouraged.  My mother was an exceptional writer.  She liked to write short stories but never had the confidence to publish her work. She did not protect her magic, and she had so much magic.  She was not encouraged.  She wrote a short story about an intruder that was so well written, kept you on the edge of your seat throughout the story, and was amazing.  I told her at the time she should publish it.  I’m thinking of publishing it with Shamrock Publishing.

When my children came along I didn’t write much although I’ve always been a ferocious reader. But the magic I had at that time was sewing.  I started sewing in high school and could turn out an outfit in no time. I loved sewing for my children and made most of their outfits, even when they hated to be dressed alike.  Haha  I loved to make their Halloween costumes. I also knitted and quilted but I never thought of it as Big Magic, but it was.

When I worked in Law I did a lot of writing but all legal writing.  I still didn’t give myself credit for what I was doing, being amazed when a Judge once told me the motion I had written was one of the best he had ever read, then he denied it.  haha But that is what they do in Law. I still denied the magic.

I love books, stories of all kinds.  I love that a good story can take me away and I live for a while in the story until I finish and feel lost for a time.  Now writing does the same for me.  My characters come to life and live in my head.  I feel like I know Chan-lei, she is my friend.  I want to protect her.

I also want to protect my magic.  We all have it in one way or another.  We must protect it, not get our feelings hurt if someone doesn’t like our work, not every work of art  is for everyone.  Not to be discouraged when we go through those times when we can’t think of a story or where our story is going.  The writers block is a real thing.  We need to relax and wait for the big magic to appear again.  And it will.  It will come to us in a dream sometimes, or just show up in our heads. It is so important that we recognize it when we see it.

Most of all always Protect Your Magic.

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