The Sequel to Lotus

The Sequel to Lotus



For all that have asked, I have started the sequel to Lotus.  For now my working title is VIOLET, but that may change.  It starts five years after LOTUS ends.  That is the only spoiler I’m going to share at the moment.

I have four chapters completed so far and I’m not sure where it is going as yet.  The first four chapters came to me as Big Magic.  Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert.  Then I hit a bump in the road.  In my area of Texas we have been hit with torrential rain storms and flooding.  We are very fortunate that our house is high enough that we haven’t flooded but there is flooding all around us.  Six people in our area have died.  The storms have been very scary.

I decided to take a week off from writing and concentrate on staying dry and reading.  I have a stack of books to read thanks to BOOK BOX.  I’ve finished a couple and love transporting myself into another world.  On Monday I will go back to writing.  Ideas are swimming in my head.  As my fellow writers know, sometimes our characters speak to us and when they do we must listen.  I also have a children’s book I wrote a couple of years ago, more like five years ago, and I’m going to edit it and get it published soon.

LOTUS is selling well and I can’t be more pleased with the reviews.

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