The Beloved Haven Charity

The Beloved Haven Charity


I am pleased to announce that I have partnered with The Beloved Haven to donate ten percent of the profits from Lotus and the sequel to this worthy charity.  Please go to the website and read about their wonderful work. or click on the logo on the side of this page.

The Beloved Haven is a ministry that offers faith-based restorative transitional living, free of cost to women coming out of sex trafficking. Beloved Haven will handle every woman as a remarkable individual by providing spiritual healing and restoration. Beloved Haven also speaks out about sex trafficking through community awareness, outreach and training.

Lotus is a story about a young girl who is stalked for the sex-trade, which makes this charity near and dear to my heart.  The lost girls as Chan-lei calls them come out of their situation lost, scared and feeling that they can never be understood in the real world. They have been through a terrible experience that has changed them for life. I’m pleased there is a charity such as The Beloved Haven that will provide love, support, and spiritual healing to these victims.

If you purchase Lotus as a print book or download the Kindle version, a ten percent donation goes directly to Beloved Haven to help the victims of this terrible trade.



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