Writing Violet and Setting Deadlines

Writing Violet and Setting Deadlines



Finding time to write has been difficult this summer but when the mood hits I must take the time to put the words down.  I’m finding this is where my IPad comes in handy.  I can make notes or write an entire chapter and then transcribe it to my computer at a later time.  I wish I would have realized this when I was writing Lotus.  This has been a hot summer and it seems the heat takes all the creativity out of me.  I find myself longing for a mountain cabin, snow, a warm fire, curling up and writing.

If I want to have Violet published before Christmas I must set deadlines.  I think one must avoid distractions and set hours to work, like going into an office.  Working at home is a challenge at times but it is the most wonderful way to work.  I’m fortunate to have a room I call my library that is comfortable and a perfect place to write. I’m surrounded by books and photos of authors I have been lucky enough to meet.  Usually my dog, Pepper, and my cat, Jasper, are curled up near me or sometimes in my chair.  (Pepper is asleep behind me and Jasper is snoozing on the floor next to my feet right now.) What could be better?  But when Big Magic hits and I’m not in the library, my IPad comes into use.  I keep it near me wherever I am.  It is on the table next to my bed in case I get an idea in the night.  I keep it near when I’m watching television or relaxing on the patio.  I take it when I’m out and about.  It has become an invaluable tool.

Violet takes place five years after Lotus ends.  Chan-lei has accomplished a lot in five years, she has graduated from Law School, taken the Bar Exam, is now an American citizen and Mia is ready to start school.  She is working as a paralegal in the District Attorney’s office when she comes across a cold case of a missing girl, taken a year before her ordeal.  As she looks at the photo of this beautiful Korean girl, she has a strong desire to find her.  No more spoilers for now but Chan-lei’s adventures have just began.

This month has been good, Lotus was featured in My Book Box (mybookbox.com), I love my partnership with Beloved Haven (belovedhaven.org).  Remember to support this wonderful organization.  They are building a house where victims of human trafficking can heal.  They are also educating the public on this issue.  If we can save one girl it will all be worth it.

I am doing a couple of book signings, one this month at the Brazos Expo and next month in Giddings for Texas Word Wranglers.

I’m looking forward to Fall, my favorite time of the year, cool days and cold nights, pumpkins, turning leaves, Halloween.  Now I must stop day dreaming and get to work.  Chan-lei has a case to solve.

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  1. You go girl! Setting goals and deadlines helps me – sometimes. But you know me, P L A N is a four-letter word. Write On, my friend. And I’m looking forward to those book signings.

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