Word Wrangler and Fall

Word Wrangler and Fall


I apologize for not posting in the last few weeks.  The combination of a hot summer, doing the book signing and taking care of chores around the house, I’ve been overwhelmed.  And I have a new little kitten.  His name is Salty,  he is a munchkin cat.  Cutest guy ever.  Now I have both Pepper, my dachshund, and Salty 14470853_10207657261449835_1715767726_nwith me while I write.  Pepper is lying behind me and Salty is on my lap as I write this. And I’m working very hard on the sequel to Lotus.  I hope to have it published by Christmas.

The Word Wrangler was fun but I’m not going lie, a bit disappointing for me, although I did sell a couple of books.  I went with my friend Connie Peck, she writes children’s books. It was held at the Giddings, Texas Library and they bring in students from the local schools.  I was under the impression there would be high school students.  Lotus is for that age group, but the highest grade attending was fifth grade.  Not my reader!  Connie sold out of most of her books and I was very happy for her.  I learned a lot, met some very nice people and they fed us very well.  So all in all it was fun, and a very nice day.

I’m really happy Fall is here, my favorite time of the year.  I love decorating the house and yard.  Love the cool temperature, changing leaves and of course Halloween. In my neighborhood we have many kids trick or treating.  I love seeing their costumes.   But my favorite Fall holiday is Thanksgiving.

Please remember to support The Beloved Haven.  10% of my sales are donated to them.  I’m so proud of the work they do.


I have 11 five star reviews on Amazon for Lotus.  Please, if you read Lotus and like it, leave a review.  Reviews mean so much.  In my next book, Violet, Chan-lei will encounter another dangerous adventure.  It takes place five years after Lotus ends.  And surprise, there will be a third book in the series.  Now back to work.  A big thank you to everyone who has read Lotus.

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