Sorry I haven’t posted in several months.  I will try to bring you up to date.  In November I traveled to Oregon for 10 days to take care of my adorable six year old twin grandchildren while my daughter, Carol , attended a red carpet event in Los Angeles.  Actually my daughter was only in Los Angeles for four days, so I got to spend time with her too and my son-in-law.  It was a wonderful time.  On the flight back home I had a three hour layover in my favorite city, San Francisco.  Here is a picture I took of the city from the plane.SANFRANCISCO

As I looked down at the city, I pictured Chan-lei and her life there.  What was she doing now?  How is Mia?  Is she starting school?  And Chi, does he have the restaurant he wanted?  And Chan-lei and Chi’s parents, how are they doing in a new and strange land?  The Wu family, has Jenny married her David?  Is Mr. Wu still fighting for justice?  Is Dr. Wu still delivering babies?  Eric O’Malley, still in prison?  What is his life like behind bars?  And all the lost girls, what has happened with them.  Such a beautiful city but so many dangers mixed with that beauty.


I arrived home just before Thanksgiving and was busy and suddenly Christmas was upon me.  After Christmas, my little dachshund, Pepper, woke up one morning and couldn’t walk.  He had surgery last March after an accident with another dog.  A very expensive surgery, I might add.  It had worked well but now he couldn’t walk again.  He spent three days in the animal hospital, they gave him steroids, and the prognosis was not good.  He was supposed to be crated but hated the crate so we bought him a playpen.  He did well and loves the playpen with his toys, etc just like a toddler.  And I’m happy to say he is walking again, a bit wobbly but he is on all four feet.



During this time I worked on VIOLET but honestly not very much.  At the end of January my daughter, Grace, completely surprised me by coming home from Colorado for a few days for my birthday.  The best birthday ever!  And a complete surprise!

Things were going well and I was back to work and then . . . . . . I picked Pepper up from his playpen and threw my back out.  Two weeks of torture!  There was only one spot, flat on my back, that didn’t hurt.  I found that during this time I had to depend on others which is something I’m not comfortable with.  I’m the one that takes care of others.  My husband did the heavy work, vacuumed, did the floors, laundry, even the dishes.  I couldn’t sit, bend over, get up, misery.  Long story short, I’m much better now but not supposed to pick anything up, like a dachshund (lol), for a few more weeks.  But I’m back to work on VIOLET.

Good news to report is I have thirteen five-star reviews on LOTUS.  I think you will love Chan-lei’s adventures in VIOLET.  I’m also working on a children’s book, but more about that later.  I promise to finish VIOLET first.

And for a little teaser, I’m in negotiations for a screen play for LOTUS.  More about this later….




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