Writing Violet and Essential Oils

Writing Violet and Essential Oils



I’m still working on VIOLET, I know it is taking me a while to finish this book but life sometimes gets in the way.  Also, I want to present a compelling story and not rush it. LOTUS took three years  😀  I promise it won’t be that long.  My target date is July 1st. Chan-lei is important to me and I want to tell her story correctly. I’m also working on the cover.

I’ve been very busy with family and projects around the house. I have also discovered essential oils through Young Living.  My daughter, Cathy, has used essential oils for a long time. Honestly, I put it off forever thinking they were expensive and wouldn’t work. Boy was I wrong! I finally ordered a kit and now I’m not sure how I got along without them.  As an example, Peace and Calming really works, it does just what it says, keeps me calm while I’m writing and putting up with distractions. I even use it on my dog’s ears at night so he will sleep. One drop does the trick. He sleeps calm all night. Since his injury he would get me up at 3-4 in the morning. Frankincense is wonderful, it has replaced moisturizer for me and clears up any little blemish. I could go on and on. But if  you’re interested, have questions, or want to order, please contact me.  You can also click on the logo to the right to go straight to Young Living. As a quick reminder, if you are buying a kit please click member so you get the discounted price.

And now back to my next novel.

In VIOLET, five years have passed since the end of LOTUS. Chan-lei has finished law school and is awaiting her Bar Exam results. She is working for Mr. Wu in the District Attorneys office when she comes upon a cold case of a missing Korean girl, Violet Lee. Violet was taken the year before Chan-lei’s ordeal. She feels compelled to follow up on the case. I think you will enjoy keeping up with Chan-lei’s family and friends again. Mia is five years old and starting kindergarten. Chan-lei and Chi’s parents have immigrated to the United States. Danger awaits, the brokers from LOTUS are still out there and pose a threat to Chan-lei’s family. Will she run into more danger looking for Violet?  What has happened to Eric O’Malley?  What about the Ling’s?  Did Jenny marry her David? Many changes in all their lives. Life has many more surprises for our girl.


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