Coffee, Oils, and Books

Coffee, Oils, and Books

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     This has been a good month.  I’ve started a new plan of spending time at my local Starbucks every Tuesday morning. Please join me, we can discuss oils, my new book, or books in general.  Everyone is invited. Last Tuesday I spent my time writing.  Next month I’m adding the first Friday of each month at Mobilis Coffee Shop in Brenham.  I’ll be at both locations at 9:30 am


     I’m working on finishing my new novel, second in the LOTUS series, VIOLET.  VIOLET takes place five years after LOTUS ends.  Chan-lei has completed law school and is waiting for the results of the Bar Exam. She is working as a paralegal in the DA’s Office and comes across a cold case of a missing young Korean girl with violet eyes. Was Eric involved? Catch up wth the characters of LOTUS.  Mia is now five years old and about to start kindergarten. What has happened in Jenny’s life?  Chi?  The Lings?  I think you will enjoy catching up with the previous characters and getting to know the new characters introduced.  I’m working on the cover, and will post it as soon as it is finished.  VIOLET will be available by the end of July or first of August.


     It is still such a thrill to see LOTUS on the shelf of a bookstore.  This photo was taken in Barnes and Noble in College Station, Texas.

IMG_3919     Hope to see you this month at Starbucks or Mobilis.

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